A layman's perspective on religion and politics.

Are Conservatives Hypocrites? (Part 1)

Arewpid-images.jpg religious politicians, especially those who claim to be conservatives, hypocrites? When I see politicians who claim to be believers in a kind, forgiving, charitable, and merciful God yet pounce on the least of these in our society, I really believe these politicians are hypocrites. I personally don’t claim to be the best of believers, but some of these politicians who claim to be conservative and Christian should really go and examine themselves as we all should do from time to time. To listen to them one would think that it would be a sin to give help and likewise to receive it. Is not giving and helping the essential part of Christianity? Many people are struggling and working in this country to be good hard working citizens who pay taxes and do the best they can to be responsible and take care of their obligations. These so-called conservative Christian politicians if they had their way would get rid of completely any help the government provides for honest hard working people who just so happen to be having a hard time making ends meet in this economy. Yes jobs are coming back gradually and people shouldn’t live a lifestyle dependent on government assistance.  Job growth is occurring but a lot of these jobs do not pay enough to pay utility bills, feed, house, and maintain many families in this country. I suspect if the shoe were on the other foot for a lot of these conservatives they would want the political leaders to do the Christian thing that they refuse to do while they (congress) are now in power.


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